If you are new to Kelloo, our getting started guide is a great place to start learning the basics.

Use the planner to check on resource availability, spot resource or projects with bottlenecks and schedule your projects and work. If you use agile you can even schedule your sprints.

Resource, project and priority view

You can view the planner in three different ways:

  • Resource view - organizes work by resource. It is a great way to check on resource availability or be alerted to over allocation issues.
  • Project view - organizes your work by project. Use project view to understand how resource over allocation impacts your projects. This is also a great view to use if you plan using sprints.
  • Priority view - organizes your work by priority. If you rank your work by priority, Kelloo will show you which projects and work get impacted first by resource constraints.

Use the view options to select the view you want to work with.

Adding work

There are a few different ways to create a resource assignment.

Click the add link top left of Kelloo.

You can also select the + icon to add work below an existing resource assignment.

Scheduling work

The easiest way to schedule work is to drag the end of a resource assignment bar to set the new schedule.

Changing the resource assigned to work

If you want to change the resource assigned to work just click the assignment name in the left grid. 


Kelloo displays alerts in resource, project and priority view to help you spot allocation issues. But how they work differs depending on the view. 

  • Resource view shows you which resources are over allocated and when.

  • Project view will show you which projects are impacted by the over allocations.

  • Priority view works a little differently. Because work is ranked by priority, it will show you which projects get impacted first by over allocation issues.

Viewing utilization 

Use the views in the resource utilization status section to understand which resources have too much work (over allocated) or too little work (under allocated). 

Capacity planning

Use capacity adjustments to model changes to resource levels. This lets you see what impact increasing or reducing resource levels more resource would have on your plan without actually changing your resource pool.


Use scenarios to evaluate different planning and resourcing options. A scenario is a copy of a plan that you can adjust without impacting your original plan. 


Filter your plan using portfolios, projects and resources so you can focus on what is important to you.