Are you ready to start using some of the more advanced features in Kelloo? If so take a look at these articles.

Learn how you can use Kelloo for agile resource planning.

The over allocation warning shows you which projects you do not have enough supply of resource to do. Any projects showing the over allocation indicator have over allocated resources. 

You should look to re-prioritize work, re-schedule work or adjust resource levels to resolve over allocation issues. 

By opening the resource panel at the foot of the planner you can see in detail which resources are over allocated and when.

You can use the cut off line to exclude projects from your portfolio.

Learn how portfolios can be used to filter and segment your projects and how dashboards can be used to track your projects and portfolios.

Rather than scheduling a project's work in a single block, you can split work into segments and schedule each independently. Previously split segments can be merged back together.

When assigning resources to projects you can assign physical resource assignments or role resource assignments.

Learn more about how Kelloo calculates resource allocation and resource utilization.