Use the views in the resource status panel to understand which resources have too much work (over-allocated) or too little work (under-allocated). The resource status section also shows how much work has been allocated to each resource and their underlying supply.

Utilization data in the resource status panel is summarized by week. For utilization data summarized by month, use the utilization report.

Click the view resource utilization link at the bottom of the planner to open the resource status panel.

The resource status panel

The resource status panel has three views which show the availability, utilization and allocations status for the resources. 


Use the search box to search for resources. You can search using resource name, resource tag or role name.

If you select synchronize the top and bottom windows will use the same search terms. Any search term you enter in the resource status panel search box or the planner search box will synchronize to the other search box.

Roles and resources

A summary row shows the aggregated availability of each role per period. The availability of each resource is also shown per period.

Over allocation at the role level means you do not have enough supply within the role to do the work as planned.

If you have over allocations at the resource level but under allocation at the role level, this means you could re-allocate work to other resources with the same role to resolve the over allocation.

Capacity adjustments

Select show capacity adjustments to display the adjustment row. This allows you to adjust the capacity of the role. Learn more about capacity planning and entering capacity adjustments.

Utilization and availability panel

Click on a cell in the resource histogram to open a pop up window which gives detailed information about the utilization and capacity of the period.