Working times define the standard days which a resource works.

When you first create a resource, the working times are set to default values based on the default working days settings in your account. 

The working times entered should be the resources standard contracted hours. The working times will be used to work out the availability of your resources in the planner.

Sometimes, a resource does not have all of their working time as availability for work. Use the availability % to adjust this. Learn more here.

Working times for a named resource are entered in hours per day, whereas for a resource group they are entered in FTE per day.

  • Select the resources menu option.

  • Select the edit icon next to the resource you want to update.

  • Select the working time section.

  • Click add working time.

Enter the working pattern per day

Effective date - The date the normal working time becomes effective. You can enter future effective dates if you wish.

Availability % - An availability % of 100% means all of the resources working hours are considered available time for scheduling purposes. If a resource spends time on non-project activities and you therefore want to reduce their availability enter a percentage less than 100%. Learn more here.

If you are updating a named resource, enter the hours per day for the resource. 

If you are updating a resource group, enter the FTE per day. The daily FTE value cannot be larger than the resource group size.

How to set the FTE per day value

A person who works full time is an FTE of 1 (FTE means full time equivalent). If someone works half the time of a full time resource they would be an FTE of 0.5.

Assuming your organization works full time, Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day here are some examples of how the daily FTE values would be entered into Kelloo for a resource group.

(1) Resource group of 10 people who all work full time Monday to Friday would be entered as follows. This equates to 50 days supply of resource per week.

(2) Resource group of 10 people, 9 of who work Monday to Friday full time, and 1 person works Monday to Thursday full time but only works half a day on Friday. This would be entered as follows.

This equates to 49.5 days supply of resource per week.

How to set the availability % value

Not all resources provide all of their working hours as availability. While a resource may work 40 hours per week (5 days x 8 hours) they may spend time on activities that reduce their availability for project work.

For example they may spend 10% of their time on company meetings etc. Meaning they only have 90% of their time available for project work.

In this instance, you would set the availability % to 90%. The planner will then calculate the availability of the resource to be 36 hours per week rather than 40 hours per week.

If an availability % other than 100% is set for a period and time off and overtime are entered for the period, the time off and overtime will override the availability %.