Use scenarios to evaluate different planning and resourcing options.

The resource plan has a master scenario which is normally the currently agreed portfolio of projects you are working on. The master scenario cannot be deleted. Another scenario can be nominated as the new master scenario. A resource plan can have many scenarios. Nominating a scenario as a master scenario has no effect on scheduling or utilization reporting.

Scenarios can be private (to the user who created the scenario) or public.

Scenarios are independent of each other

Any changes made to a scenario (or the master scenario) only affect the scenario itself. So scenarios let you your test out changes to your plan independently of the other scenarios or the master scenario.

Capacity adjustments

Resource capacity adjustments can be entered to model the effect that changes to resource levels will have on your plan. These allow you to increase or decrease resource levels without making changes to your current resources.

The following changes will only apply to the scenario you make them in.

  • Resource capacity adjustments.
  • The priority of work.
  • When work is scheduled for.
  • Who is assigned to work.
  • Adding or deleting plan items.
  • The cut off line.

Selecting a scenario to work with

Use the scenario selector to select an alternative scenario to work with

Creating and managing scenarios

You can create new scenarios or copy an existing scenario using the manage scenarios option.