April 2022

Ability to browse for availability and then directly assign resources

Milestone report added.

Ability to show resource tags in the planner.

Search box added to planner utilization panel.

Search box at the top of the planner is now easier to use and also searches over resource tags.

Context sensitive help links added to planner.

Some minor re-styling of the planner.

March 2022

Introduced tags for resources and work.

Planner can be filtered by tags.

Augmented planner search feature.

Resource assign window role filter.

February 2022

Project role can now be defined against work items.

Introduced the concept of teams. Each resource can be assigned a team and this used in filters, search and reports.

Simplified the creation of resources - Team (role based) and Team (cross functional / agile) merged. Presence of a role now indicates resource type.

Cut off line is now always visible in priority view.

Notes can now be added against work.

Terminology changed - "Team (role based)" and "Team (cross functional / agile)" are now "Resource Groups".

Minor UI improvements.

January 2022

Utilization charts option introduced.

December 2021

Copy segment option added.

Split segment option added.

Minor bug fixes.

November 2021

Drag bar to move 

November 2021

Minor interface changes.

Ability to zoom planner in / out.

Hours and % of resource capacity fields now available at segment level.

Minor usability changes in planner.

Active row highlighted in planner.

Item re-assigned message added with link to item.

October 2021

You can now enter work in hours or % of a resource's capacity.

Ability to re-assign segments to other projects, sprints or resources added.

Some minor other interface changes and bug fixes.

September 2021

Added date range filter to utilization page.

Ability to search the planner by resource or work description.

Minor formatting changes to the planner, roadmap and utilization viewer.

Ability to add project milestones via the planner.

Removed inspect mode and replaced with assign and browse function.

Minor bug fixes.

August 2021

Roadmap markers renamed milestones.

Milestone types extended to include icons.

Ability to display milestones on the planner.

Improved planner project, role and portfolio filter.

Additional chart types available in reporting area.

Changes to reporting home page.

Minor bug fixes.

July 2021

Change planner role filters without causing planner re-load.

Additional report templates.

Minor bug fixes.

July 2021

Performance improvements to the planner.

June 2021

Ability to define an agile team and manage sprint capacity. Ability to re-assign individual work segments. Re-worked the configure grid display option to include an "as entered" option. Re-worked the flow of the add resource page.

May 2021

Report builder released.

April 2021

Some minor updates to the interface and minor bug fixes shipped.

April 2021

Project and resource view released, re-worked interface.

January 2021

Improvements to page load times.

December 2020

Role and project permissions.

November 2020

Multi user.

October 2020

Backlog introduced.

September 2020

Spread and adjust work concept included.

September 2020

Monthly utilization report introduced.

August 2020

Ability to define work in terms of FTE.

August 2020

Ability to define teams augmented.

July 2020

Small improvements to screen flow when adding and updating agile work.

July 2020

Roadmap released.

May 2020

Ability to configure additional fields onto the project list.

Ability to set an availability % for resources.

Made improvements to the import process for agile work.

April 2020

Ability to copy work in the planner.

April 2020

Project and portfolio finances and dashboards introduced.

February 2020

Introduced portfolio concept.

January 2020

Ability to delete all work for a project group.

December 2019

Support for agile planning.

November 2019

Ability to import work.

New move work option.

October 2019

Ability to import resources.

October 2019

Added export plan option.

September 2019

Added ability to enter resource capacity changes against resources (previously only available against roles).