Resources are the people you assign work to. This article explains how to add resource teams to Kelloo. When you define a team you do not need to list each individual resource, you just tell Kelloo how big the team is in terms of resource.

If you want to define you resources as individual resource then define them as named resources.

When adding a resource team you can choose to add either a team where all the resources have the same role (in which case the role is assigned to the team) or a team where resources have different / mixed roles (in which case no role is assigned to the team). Learn about the differences here.

Adding resource teams from the resource list

  • Select the resources menu option.

  • Select add resource.

  • Select either Team (role based) or Team (cross functional / agile).

  • Enter the resource team details:

Resource name - give the team a name.

Team size - the number of physical resources in the team. So if there are 10 people in the team enter 10. 

Note this is not the FTE of the team. If the team has 10 people each working as 0.5 FTE, the team size is still 10. The FTE of the team is set in the normal working times section (see below).

Role - select a role if you have selected to create a Team (role based).

  • Optionally select a non-working day calendar. Non-working day calendars are used to define periods when resources are not available for work. A non-working day calendar is defined once and then applied to many resources. Use non-working day calendars when the period of non-availability applies to more than one resource for example public holidays. For more information please see this article non-working calendars.

  • Click create.

Once the resource team has been created, you can then enter additional details.

Other details

Notes - General notes which you can store about the resource.

Email address - The resource team's email address.

External resource - Tick to indicate if the resource is an external resource. Does not affect the scheduling.

Normal working times

Normal working times define the normal working pattern for the team. It is defined in FTE

When you first create a resource team, the normal working times are set using the default values defined in the default working days setting in your account. 

You can change normal working times by either updating an existing normal working time record or by adding a new normal working time record. For more information please see this article resource normal working times.

Working time exceptions

Sometimes you need to make a temporary change to a resource team's availability. Rather than change the resource team's normal working times or using an exception calendar, you enter a working time exception. For more information please see this article resource working time exceptions.