The standard capacity of a resource role is based on the supply of the resource defined within the role (resources can be defined as named resources or resource groups). Roles themselves do not have any resource supply.

Sometimes you need to model the effect of increasing resource capacity (i.e. hiring staff) or reducing the capacity of resources (i.e. laying off staff) to help you understand the effect this will have on your plan. 

To model the effects of capacity changes, we do not adjust the actual resource pool (as this reflects our current hiring levels). Rather we use capacity adjustments which specify how much the capacity differs from the standard capacity.

Capacity adjustments can be entered in the master scenario or any other scenario in the plan. It is often useful to enter capacity adjustments into a scenario rather than into the master scenario. Then the master scenario will reflect the plan based on current hiring levels and the scenario based on proposed hiring levels.


You have three resources with the role of Developer. Their combined capacity is 3 FTE. 

You then enter a capacity adjustment for +1 FTE against the developer role.

The standard capacity of the Developer role is still 3 FTE however the total capacity of the role will now be 4 FTE (standard capacity PLUS the adjustment).

4 FTE will be used as the capacity of the role when viewing utilization, assigning resources etc.

How to add capacity adjustments

Take a look at adjusting resource capacity to understand how to add, change or delete capacity adjustments. Viewing capacity adjustments explains how to display the capacity adjustments row in the plan.

How are capacity adjustments used in the plan?

When you adjust the capacity, the resource status section will show the standard capacity of your resources plus any adjustments made. Kelloo will also use the adjusted capacity values when determining which projects are over-allocated.

So the Kelloo plan will reflect how your schedule would look and the status of the resources taking into account the resource adjustments.

What if I then hire more actual resources?

If you go on to hire resources based on your proposed capacity adjustments, you would add the resources to your resource pool (thereby increasing the standard capacity of the pool). Then reduce or remove the adjustments accordingly.