Here is how you enter capacity adjustments for a role or a resource.

Click the view resource utilization link at the bottom of the planner to open the resource status panel.

Select the allocations and supply view.

You can also adjust the resource capacity in the availability and utilization views, however using the allocations and supply view makes it easier to view total supply including adjustments.

Locate the role or resource you want to adjust and ensure the adjustments row is visible.

If the adjustments row is not visible, select show capacity adjustments.

Click the cell where you want the adjustment period to start.

Then enter the adjustment details.

  • Enter the adjustment FTE

The adjustment can be positive (to increase capacity) or negative (to decrease capacity). The adjustment cannot be zero.

The adjustment is a variation from the standard capacity of the role. So if the role has a capacity of 5 FTE and the adjustment was entered as -1 the role would then have a capacity of 4 FTE. In the same way an adjustment of 2 FTE would set the capacity of the role to 7 FTE.

  • Set the start and end period of the adjustment. 

Note - adjustments cannot overlap other adjustments.

Use the move controls to move the adjustment start date or end date.

Editing a capacity adjustment

To edit an adjustment click the adjustment.

Then update the adjustment FTE, start period, end period and duration as required.

Deleting a capacity adjustment

To delete an adjustment click the adjustment.

In the capacity adjustment window, click delete.