You can use the import wizard to import your named resources and resource teams

To use the resource import the user requires both the role and resource permissions to be set as the resource import can create new roles and resources.

Simply paste the data to be imported into the import wizard.

Here is how to use the import:

  • Select the resources menu option.

  • Select import.

  • Paste your resource data into the import box (one resource per row).

  • Select validate to check your data is ok to import.

If your data has no errors:

  • Review the data to be imported and click back to make any changes.

  • Otherwise click import to import the resources.

If your data has errors:

  • Click back, correct the errors then import again.


  • Resource name must be unique within Kelloo.

  • If a role does not exist it will be created for you.

  • Enter only one resource per row.

  • Separate fields using a , (and fields must not include a , as data).

Import format


This is the minimum data required to import a named resource or a resource team.

Format: Role,Resource name, size

Named Resource Example Data

Project Manager,Fred Smith

Resource Team (with same role) Example Data

QA,Team Alpha,5

Resource Team (with mixed role) Example Data

,Team Alpha,5


Additional fields can be imported about resources.

If you choose to import any of the additional fields for a specific resource then all the additional fields must be completed for that resource.

RoleRole nameRequired to create a Named Resource or a Resource Team (role based).
Resource nameResource nameRequired
Team sizeMust be 0 or blank for a named resource.

For a team resource must be the number of physical people in the team.

Note this is not the FTE of the team. If the team has 10 people each working as 0.5 FTE, the team size is still 10. The FTE of the team can be changed once imported by updating the the normal working times section of the resource team.
Required for resource team
Additional for resource
EmailEmail addressAdditional
ExternalY to indicate external resource, N or blank for an internal resourceAdditional
NotesNotes about the resourceAdditional

Format: Role,Resource name,team size,email,external,notes 

Named Resource Example Data

Project Manager,Fred Smith,0,,N,Notes about Fred

Resource Team (role based) - Example Data

QA, Team Alpha,5,,Y,Notes about the team

Resource Team (cross functional / agile) - Example Data

,Team Alpha,5,,Y,Notes about the team