Here are some of the Kelloo features that help with agile resource planning.

Select the work type agile in the work details.

Select a sprint from the sprint selector or create a new sprint and assign it to the project. Learn more about creating sprints here.

Select edit to edit the sprint details. 

Here you can set the sprint start date, duration, capacity, points per day and the sprint team.

Sprint capacity can be entered in days or points. This will normally be your expected sprint velocity if you estimate using points. Or the number of days work you expect to be able to complete during the sprint.

As you add work to the sprint, the total work allocated to the sprint is compared to the sprint capacity. Use the sprint capacity bar on the planner to check if the sprint is full.

Points per day is used to convert point based estimates into days and day based estimates into points. If your work estimates are only entered / viewed in days you can ignore this value.

If the resource is a named resource, enter the points you expect them to complete each day. If the resource is a resource group, enter the points you expect an average resource in the group to complete each day.

Setting the sprint team

From the edit sprint window, you can set the sprint team. Select the add resource to sprint link and add the resources. If you assign work in the sprint to a resource who is not in the sprint team, they will be added to the team for you.

Entering a work estimate

Enter the estimate for the work in days, points or FTE.

In the example below, the work is estimated at 100 points. Kelloo has used the points per day set at the sprint (10 points per day) to equate this to 10 days work.

Select the all work setting to enter estimates in days, hours or points

The points per day is normally derived from the value entered at the sprint level. However this can be overridden at the work level. 

In the following example, the points per day has been changed to 20 points per day.

Check use sprint dates if you want the work to automatically align with the sprint dates. 

This means you cannot manually schedule when the work happens and changing the sprint start date or duration will cause the work periods to change in line with the sprint period.

Check sprint capacity

Use the sprint capacity bar on the planner to check if the sprint is full.