Kelloo supports agile planning techniques.

Agile system preferences

Set your account to use system preferences designed for agile.

Add sprints to your plan

Your plan will contain all the work you want to do. Start by adding projects and sprints into your plan.

Set your sprint dates and points per day. Points per day is how many points you expect the resource assigned to the work to complete.

Enter your sprint work

Here are a couple of different ways you can approach entering your sprint work. 

Enter each user story / feature into your plan

In the example below, we have two user stories in the sprint and we have entered the work estimate for both. 

We have entered the user story name in the description field.

Plan to the sprint level

Another option is to plan to no further detail than the sprint itself. If you take this approach, you have one work item for each resource type required to work on the sprint.

Aligning work with the sprint

Select the use sprint dates field if you want any work entered for the sprint to automatically adjust to the sprint duration and dates.