Kelloo has the following project level fields which can have customized lookup values defined.

The project fields are optional data mainly used for filtering and information purposes.

Project Priority
Can be used to record a user assigned project priority (this is different to the priority implied by the position of the project in the planner).
Project Status
Can be used to record the status of the project or its health i.e. on track, in trouble etc.
Stage Gate
Used to record the stage gates your projects move through.
Approval Status
Can be used to record an approval status for your projects i.e. seeking approval, approved, rejected etc.
Organizational Goal
Use this to record the main organizational goal behind the project for example cost saving or quality improvement.
Organization Area
Can be used to record the main business area impacted by the project.
Risk Level
Use this to record the risk level of the project.

Select set up from the top level menu.

In set up, use the menu options in the project lookups section to customize the project lookup values.

Click add to add a new lookup or edit to update an existing lookup value.

Enter the lookup name. Some look ups also allow a sequence to be defined.