Resource and role costs are set by allocating a cost code to the resource or role.

  • Select resources.

  • Select the $ next to the role or resource you want to set the cost code for.

  • Select add resource cost / add role cost as applicable.

  • Select the year and month the cost code becomes effective for the resource or role.

  • Select the cost code.

Each resource or role can have many cost codes entered with effective dates.

Role and resource cost codes

If a role has a cost code defined, but any resources for the role do not yet have an effective cost code, the role cost code will be used for the resource until a resource cost code becomes effective.

For example:

Role Project Manager has a cost code effective from January 1st.

Resource Bill is a Project Manager and the first cost code effective for him is April 10th.

Any of Bill's work between January 1st and April 9th will use he role cost code. Work from April 10th onward will use the now effective resource cost code.