Use the utilization report to understand which resources have too much work (over-allocated) or too little work (under-allocated). The utilization report also shows how much work has been allocated to each resource and their underlying supply.

The utilization report can be accessed by selecting the utilization link in the Kelloo menu.

Utilization data in the utilization report is summarized by month. For utilization data summarized by week, use the resource status panel in the planner.

Selecting the data you want to view

The utilization report has three different data views.

Availability view

Use the availability view to identify resources that have the capability to have more work allocated or resources who are over-allocated. 

Utilization view

Use the utilization view to identify resources that are underutilized or over-utilized.   

Allocations and supply view

Use the allocations and supply view to understand the supply of resources and the level of allocations to the resources. Supply is the amount of labor time resources provide to your organization before any work is allocated. 

Filter the utilization report

Here are some of the ways you can filter the data in the utilization report so you can focus on what is important to you.


Use the scenario selector to select which scenario you want to view in the utilization report. Scenarios are created in the resource plan. 

Role filter

Use the role filter if you only want to include certain roles in the utilization report.


Use the search box to search for resources and roles.

Utilization selector

The utilization selector lets you filter resources and roles based on utilization. Grab either end of the bar and move to set the desired utilization filter.

Use the date selector to control the range of dates the utilization filter operates over.

Utilization and availability panel 

Click on a cell in the resource histogram to open a pop up window which gives detailed information about the utilization and capacity of the period.