Here is how you invite a new user into Kelloo.

1. Select set up in the top level menu.

2. Select users in the set up menu.

3. Select invite user.

4. Enter first name, email address and optionally last name.

5. Select which menu set the user will have access to.

6. Optionally set the required create / update permissions.

7. Select send invite.

Create and update permissions

Use the create / update permissions to control if the user can create new roles, projects or resources.

To use the plan import the user requires all three create permissions to be set as the plan import can create new roles, resources and projects.

To use the resource import the user requires both the role and resource permissions to be set as the resource import can create new roles and resources.

Changing the account owner

At least one user must be set as the account owner. The account owner can access every menu option. You can give other users the account owner permission by checking account owner in the user record. Account owners can also manage your Kelloo subscription.

Setting allowed menu options

Create and allocate custom menus options to control which menu options a user can access.