The resource view lists all the people in your organization and shows their availability. You can also use resource view to spot resources with overallocation issues.

Resource view helps you find the right person to schedule for assignments based on how many hours they have available or their utilization rate.

How to read resource view

Resource view uses a combination of numbers, colors, and percentages to indicate whether a person is over-allocated, under-allocated, or at full capacity. You can learn more about how Kelloo decides if a resource is over-allocated.

Histogram, bar and number modes

Use the view options to switch between the different view modes.

All views use colors to represent availability. Use number mode for color blind accessibility.

  • Light green - resource has availability.
  • Dark green - resource is allocated at 100%.
  • Red - resource is overallocated.
  • White - resource has no work assigned.
  • Grey - Non working period for the resource.

Use the histogram mode to view a graphical representation of resource availability. In addition to the color, the fill height of the cells represents the availability.

Bar mode just uses colors to represent resource availability.

Number mode uses colors in addition to displaying resource availability and utilization numbers.

Use the configure option to customize the values shown in number mode.

Creating a new resource assignment

There are a few different ways to create a resource assignment.

Click the add link top left of Kelloo.

You can also select the + icon.

Schedule an assignment

Drag the end of a bar to schedule when the assignment is happening. 

You can control if Kelloo will just change the schedule period or change the schedule period and the work using the bar mode.

Changing the assigned resource

Click an assignment then select edit assignment.

Or you can click the assignment name in the left grid.