The project view provides a birds eye view of all your projects and helps you spot which projects are going to be impacted by resource overallocation issues.

If a resource is overallocated, all projects and work they are assigned to for the overallocated period will be highlighted. You can then decide which work to re-schedule or re-assign.

How to read project view

Project view shows your resource assignments and when they are happening.

Any resources that have overallocated periods are shown either by a red bar or overallocated indicator. You can learn more about how Kelloo decides if a resource is over-allocated.

Using the configure option to swap between bar and number mode.

Creating a new resource assignment

There are a few different ways to create a resource assignment.

Click the add link top left of Kelloo.

You can also select the + icon.

Schedule an assignment

Drag the end of a bar to schedule when the assignment is happening. 

You can control if Kelloo will just change the schedule period or change the schedule period and the work using the bar mode.

Changing the assigned resource

Click an assignment then select edit assignment.

Or you can click the assignment name in the left grid.