Use the report builder to create and generate reports over your Kelloo data. Kelloo ships with default report layouts that you can copy and personalize.

Data in the dashboard and the report builder reports is calculated slightly differently. This is due to the different levels of summarization that is used in the reports and how week starting dates are calculated. So if you compare a dashboard to a report builder report that runs over month boundaries, you may see slight differences in the data.

Work that is below the cut off is not included in reports.

Custom fields defined against projects or resources can be included in reports.

Select the report link in the Kelloo menu to access the report builder.

Choose what data to report over

First select what data you want to report over:

  • Work
  • Historic work
  • Capacity and utilization
  • Historic capacity and utilization
  • Milestones

Selecting a scenario

Use the scenario selector to select which scenario you want to report over.

Select a report layout

Then choose a report layout. Report layouts have different fields available in them for reporting.

Configuring the report fields

Use the options in the report toolbar to configure your report.

Select the fields icon in the toolbar.

The all fields section on the left includes all fields in your selected data set.

Drag fields from the all fields section into the filters, columns, rows or values boxes on the right to start configuring your report.

To remove a field from a box on the right, drag it back to the all fields section.

Setting report filters

Drag fields into the report filters box to use the field as a filter. Select the filter to set the filter values.

Choose your output format

Display your data as a pivot report or a graph.

Exporting and printing the report

Select export then select an export or print format.

Adding totals

Select options to set how totals are presented on the report.

Formatting cells

Select format to set cell formatting. You can apply general formatting i.e. decimal places to display and conditional formatting i.e. colorize a cell based on a value.

Copying, saving and deleting reports

Copy a report to personalize and save a layout. Hit the delete icon to remove the report layout.