You can purchase a Kelloo subscription before or after your trial ends. Once your trial has ended you will not be able to use Kelloo unless you buy a subscription.

Only account owners can manage your Kelloo subscription.

To buy a subscription:

Click set up in the top level menu then manage subscription.

Click buy subscription.

Select a billing cycle and a plan.

You can only select a plans with resource limits that are equal to or greater than the number of resources you have set up in your account. Remove resources from your account to purchase a lower plan.

  • Enter your street name, city, state and zip / postcode. The information you enter here will appear on your invoice. This does not have to be the address the credit card is registered to (this can be entered separately in the checkout page). If you are buying on behalf of an organization you may want to put their details here.

  • Choose your country. This will be used to determine if you need to be charged VAT.

  • Choose which currency you want to see the charges presented in.

  • You will be prompted to enter your VAT number if you are based in the EU. Only enter this if you are an EU business registered for VAT.

  • Click next and you will be shown a summary of the purchase.

  • Click confirm and you will be directed to our payment provider's website.

  • Enter your credit card details then click buy now.