Create a resource assignment to schedule a resource's work. 

Once you have created the assignment you can assign a resource to the work, set how much work they are assigned and schedule the work

Creating a new resource assignment

There are a few different ways to create a resource assignment.

Click the add link top left of Kelloo.

You can also select the + icon to add work below an existing resource assignment.

Click to the right or left of an existing segment.

Assignment details explained

Standard or agile

If you want to plan your work into sprints, select agile, otherwise select standard.


Select the project the resource assignment relates to. You can also choose to create a new project. 


If the work is set to agile, you can select a sprint. You can also choose to create a new sprint.


Select the resource the work is to be assigned to. You can also choose to create a new resource. 

You can assign work to resources (named resources or resource groups) or to roles. This article explains the difference between resource and role assignments.

Use check availability to browse for alternative resources based on their availability.

Check show sprint resources only if you only want to select from the current sprint resources.


Enter the amount of work to be done. This can be entered in days, FTE and also points (if set to agile).

Select the all work setting to use advanced scheduling options such as days per week, remaining days, or remaining hours 


Enter duration of the work in weeks. The duration is how long the work will take to complete.