The cut off line separates work that is included in the plan and work that is not. 

When you move work below the cut off line Kelloo will exclude the work from the portfolio for planning purposes. 

You can choose the position of the cut off line. Work below the cut off line is still recorded in the plan, but its work is not scheduled or included in the allocation or utilization calculations. 

Select priority view.

Click an assignment name in the left grid.

Select set cut off here.

Moving work above or below the cut off line

Moving work below the cut off line releases any resource capacity that was allocated to the work. It will then be utilized instead on any work above the cut off line. All resource allocations and resource assignments for work below the cut off line remain, however they are not included in any utilization or allocation calculations. 

If the work is placed back above the cut off line, it will once again be considered part of the plan.

Organizations can rarely do all the work they are asked for, so the cut off line can serve as a backlog of projects you wish to do but do not currently have resource for. New work that you are considering but have not yet agreed to fund can be placed below the cut off line and moved above the cut off line to test the impact it would have on your resources.