FTE or full time equivalent are terms used in resource planning that sometimes cause a little confusion. However, it is a pretty easy concept to understand. FTE is a ratio used to define what a full time resource means to your organization.

It is defined using the working days option in the set up menu.

In the above example, Monday to Friday are set as working days at 8 hours per day. So in this example 1 FTE would be equal to 40 hours per week supply or labor.

Given the definition of an FTE above, if you had a resource who only worked Monday to Friday 4 hours per day they would be considered as 0.5 FTE. 

A resource who worked Monday to Thursday 8 hours per day would be considered as 0.8 FTE.

One of the first things to do when setting Kelloo up is to tell Kelloo which days a full time resource works. Use the default working days set up option to do this.