Licensing in Kelloo is based on the number of resources you want to plan. You purchase a number of resource licenses and then every resource you create uses up a license. When you have allocated all of your licenses you cannot create any further resources (unless you buy more licenses or free up licenses).

What is a resource?

There are two types of resources you can create in Kelloo named resources and resource groups. 

Named resources. Named resources are individual people you define in Kelloo such as Bill, Sarah and Bob. Every named resource uses up a license.

Resource groups. Resource groups are a simpler way to define large numbers of resources in Kelloo. Rather than list each individual resource you tell Kelloo how many people are in the group. Each group member uses up a license. 

How can I tell how many resource licenses I have remaining?

At the top of the resource list you can see how many un-allocated resource licenses you have available.

Inactive resources

Inactive resources still use up licenses. So if a resource no longer works for you, assign their work to another resource or role and then remove the resource from Kelloo. This will free up their license for re-allocation to another resource.