In Kelloo, portfolios are a way of grouping together projects with a common aspect or focus. 

So for you example you may have a portfolio containing IT projects and another portfolio containing marketing projects

A portfolio will be a subset of your overall project data. Segmenting projects into portfolios allows the performance and status of your projects to be more easily monitored.

For each portfolio you can set filter criteria to determine which projects are included in the portfolio.

Contrast this to how scenarios are used in Kelloo. A scenario is a copy or version of a plan which can be used to evaluate different planning options.

The effect of selecting a portfolio to work with

When you select a portfolio to work with, the top section of the planner will be filtered to just the projects that match the portfolio filter.

The allocation data and warnings shown in the schedule area will be based on all projects and not just the projects in the selected portfolio. You can learn more about this here.

The resource status window will include all resources and the allocations and utilization is based on all projects and not just the projects in the selected portfolio.

Selecting which portfolio to work with

Select the filter button.

Then select the portfolio filter to choose which portfolio to work with in your plan.

Creating a portfolio

To create a portfolio: 

1. Select the filter button.

2. Select the portfolio filter.

3. Select manage portfolios.