By default, work in the work details panel is entered in days.

Change between days / hours, points or FTE.

Use the all work settings to use advanced scheduling options such as days per week or remaining hours.

You can also have Kelloo calculate the amount of work based on allocating a % of a resource's available capacity.

Select to choose if you are entering work in days, hours or points.

Updating work for a segment

You can also select a segment to update the work.

Setting remaining, per week, % allocated or work duration

Here we explain how to enter the work in days, but the hours and points view work in the same way.

You are able to set remaining days, the days per week, the % allocated or work duration. As these fields are all related, setting one will automatically update the others.

Days. The amount of work you enter will be spread equally over the duration of the work. 

Example: 10 days remaining work over a duration of 2 weeks will schedule 5 days per week.

Days per week. Alternatively enter the days per week. This will be scheduled equally per week over the duration of the work.

Example: 5 days per week over a duration of 2 weeks will schedule 10 days total work. 

% Allocated. Enter the % of resource capacity and the remaining days and days per week will be worked out for you. 

Example: A resource has a capacity (based on their resource working pattern) of 5 days per week. You set the duration of the work to 2 weeks, therefore the resource's capacity over the period of the work is 10 days.

You set the % of resource capacity to 50%. Kelloo will schedule 5 days total work over a 2 week duration which is 2.5 days per week.